Tiffani Evans seated at table live painting in Neiman Marcus Southpark Mall

Live Painting for Neiman Marcus in Charlotte at Southpark Mall

Pinch me! I had the most fun painting for Neiman Marcus Charlotte this past weekend. I painted custom flowers for customers with a qualifying jewelry purchase. The Neiman Marcus staff was wonderful to work with and I really enjoyed meeting so many new people interested in my artwork. This is a service I didn’t know I would love so much and I welcome more opportunities. If you are interested in hiring me for an event, please email me at tiffanievanscreates (@) gmail.com.

Tiffani Evans live painting at Neiman Marcus Southpark MallPainting progressPainting progress

Thank you so much for everyone who messaged me and sending me love! It really means the world to me and this has all been an absolute dream come true in my creative career!

Painting progress

I worked hard to have a few painting options available throughout the day so customers could choose which they liked best. I painted small 5.5x7.5 watercolor works and sealed them in a plastic sleeve for safe keeping. They will be perfect framed in an 8x10 frame on a mat.

Pile of torn and deckled edge Arches watercolor paper

I prepared the most gorgeous watercolor paper prior to the event. I tore 22x30 sheets down to 5x7s for a deckled and torn and edge. This looks beautiful when floating in a frame.

Behind the scenes photo of geranium flower paintingBehind the scenes photo of foxglove flower paintingBehind the scenes photo of flower painting drying

I also brought greeting cards with envelopes in the event I got way too busy and couldn’t keep up. This way everyone got something!

Again, thank you to Neiman Marcus for putting together such a great event and I’m so thrilled to continue this partnership together! If you are interested in hiring me for your live painting, please email me at tiffanievanscreates (@) gmail.com. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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